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Artistic Director

Magda Guidi lives and works in Pesaro (Italy).

She attended “Scuola del Libro di Urbino”.

Graduation and two years of specialization in animated cinema.


She began drawing animated shorts since 2000.

Ecco, è ora won the first prize at “Castelli animati” Festival in Rome, 2004.

She made a music video for the band “Tre allegri ragazzi morti” (Nuova identità, 2003) and won in jury prize at “Videozoom”, Novara.

He collaborates with Francesco Amato, drawing some animation sequences for the short film Il nano più alto del mondo, produced by “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome.

From 2008 to 2010 she collaborated with Societas Raffaello Sanzio, the most important Italian experimental theater company, drawing some animated sequences for the show L’ultima volta che vidi mio padre (The last time I saw my father).

Via Curiel 8 (Mara Cerri and Magda Guidi, 2011, Sacrebleu Productions, Les Films Du Cygne, with the participation of Arte France) won first prize at the Torino Film Festival, 2011.

The film also receives a special mention at 'Festival National du film d'animation de Bruz', 2012.

She takes part with Mara Cerri and Stefano Sasso at the first edition of “Setup” Bologna's independent contemporary art fair, with the video & sound design performance Anagramma.

She worked at La Route des Samouni, a documentary film by Stefano Savona, animations by Simone Massi (Picofilm, Dugong, Alter Ego, Arte France, in collaboration with Rai Cinema). The film received the Œil d’or as best documentary of the whole Cannes Festival in 2018.

In 2016 he made an animated video clip for Danio Manfredini, produced by Sotto-Controllo.

In 2017 she worked at the documentary film Ferrante Fever (directed by Giacomo Durzi and Laura Buffoni, animated clips by Mara Cerri and Magda Guidi, produced by Malia Film).


She’s considered one of the leading figures of contemporary Italian animation Cinema.

Hes films have been selected in the most important European Film Festivals, at the Forum Des Image in Paris, in the United States, in Southeast Asia. Hes films appear in three volumes of the DVDs Animazioni-contemporary Italian short films, edited by Andrea Martignoni and Paola Bristot.

In 2014 the International Film Festival in Pesaro dedicated her a retrospective.

About the commercials: she has collaborated for years in the creation of animated clips for spots and advertising.

She held animation workshops at Cineteca di Bologna and Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

She’s teaching Animated Cinema at ISIA (State Institute of Artistic Industries) in Urbino since 2018.

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