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Giulia Marcolini was born in Cattolica (Italy) in 1994.

She graduated in Animation and Comics Art at Scuola del Libro of Urbino in 2013, after which she attended the Corso di Perfezionamento of  Animation at the same institute.

 In 2015 she applied to the Stop-Motion Animation and Puppet Making course at Staffordshire University (UK), successfully graduating in 2018.

Her research explores innerside themes taking advantage of different techniques such as drawing, printmaking, video and sculpture.

At the moment, she actively collaborates with Diamond Dogs Comics, Destroy Brandina and Slack, producing various self-published books, among which an illustrated diary called Marzo ha 21 giorni written by Barbara Giorgi.

During 2018 she collaborated with the artist Veronica Azzinari for the realization of the artist’ book The Danube Cycle (A)way, approaching engraving techniques at low ecological impact. .

The same year, she completed her graduation fine art film Guscio di Pece, which has been selected in different film festivals like the Pesaro Film Festival and  the KQFF in Seoul (Korea).

In 2017 she took part at the ITFS 48h Jam - Crazy Horse Session contest at International Trick Film Festival in Stuttgart (Germany) with her animation partner Gus Kearns,  realising an entire 1 minute of a stop-motion animation short (magazine cut-outs and plastiline) in 48 hours.

At the moment she lives and works in Pesaro (Italy).


Exhibitions and Publications

Collective Exhibition Stanze, Cagli, Italy, 2015

Collective Exhibition The Play of Light, The Cube Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent, 2016

Collective Exhibition Il Giorno Senza Giudizio, Gasparelli Gallery, Fano, Italy, 2017

Film Contest 48h Crazy Horse Competition, ITFS, Stuttgart, Germany, 2018

Collective Exhibition La Linea d’Ombra, Biennale del Disegno di Rimini, Cesena, Italy, 2018.

Film Selection ‘Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema’, Pesaro, Italy, 2018

Film Selection ‘Molo Film Festival’, Roma, Italy, 2018

Film Selection ‘Kino Short-Film Open Mic’, London, 2018

Self-publishing Insetti, Antologico, Diamond Dogs Comics, Italy, 2018

Self-publishing Marzo ha 21 giorni, Libro Illustrato, Diamond Dogs Comics, Italy, 2019

Film Selection ‘KQFF- Korean Queer Film Festival’, Seoul, South Korea, 2019

Personal Exhibition The Danube Cycle (A)way, Libro d’Artista, Circolo Orbita, Gradara, Italy, 2019

Personal Exhibition The Danube Cycle (A)way, Libro d’Artista, La Musa Rauka, Pesaro, Italy, 2019

Collective Exhibition Selezione di stampe in monotipo blu, Zoe Microfestival, Pesaro, Italy, 2019

Self-publishing Giocattoli, Antologico, Diamond Dogs Comics, Italy, 2019

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