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Press release

Today, 21st of March 2020, first day of spring and international day of poetry, a group of artists and culture promoters of the Marches, announced the creation of ALMA, association of marchigian animators and illustrators.

Ideated and wanted by Magda Guidi, Elisa Mossa, Stefano Franceschetti, Simone Massi and Sandro Pascucci, the association proposes itself as a connection between animators and illustrators from the county, bringing together already known active artists and young artists with yet prestigious work experience.


ALMA comes to life on the 21st of March, a symbolic date to give a small but important signal of hope in a moment when unfortunately the exclusion of every activity that includes physical encounters is indispensable, except for the intellectual and emotional one. 


The reappropriation of the action and the desire of collaboration is also passionately sustained by the small cities from territory inside of the county which welcome ALMA: Cagli, Pergola and Urbania are in fact ready to host cultural initiatives and events that give value to the territory and the artistic heritage, because never like today it’s been important to insist on dreams and perspectives of our own intern areas.


ALMA is a workshop open to anybody who sees in the art of animation a possibility of poetic expression, social communication and cultural growth.


ALMA wants to intensify its artists’ presence beyond their limits and at the same time wants to attract international energies more specialized in the animation comics art and illustration industry.

Speaking of which, creative spaces, workshops and masterclasses based on a moving image education are expected; events showing films awarded by the most famous film festivals in the world as well as artist’s meetings; Animation drawings exhibitions; publications, included an online magazine on ALMA’s website, with artists focus, interviews, news from the animation world and news about the association activities.

The creators of  ALMA attended the Scuola del Libro in Urbino, where there is a biennial animation and comics art course who’s been active for over fifty years, which has trained, and still is training, many of the most important italian artists.

The Honorary Presidents of ALMA who have announced their disponibility to accept the charge are: Goffredo Fofi, between the most alive intellectuals, founder of magazines and a long time supporter of the artists from the Marches; Roberto Catani and Simone Massi, marchigian animators who have seen their art awarded worldwide.

Alongside the friends of the young ALMA appear personalities from the world of animation and of the international culture who decided to support the association with esteem, friendship and professional respect. Among them are Alberto Barbera, Giannalberto Bendazzi, Bruno Bozzetto, Piotr Dumala, Jean Michel Frodon, Jerzy Kucia, Caroline Leaf, Peter Lord, Phil Mulloy, Michel Ocelot, Regina Pessoa, Aleksandr Petrov, Luca Raffaelli, Stefano Savona, Georges Schwizgebel, Raoul Servais, Theodore Ushev, Koji Yamamura.


ALMA. Associazione Libera Marchigiana Animatori

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